HUGE: Facebook Hired Former Hillary Press Director to Inform Media of Alex Jones Ban

When Big League Politics contacted Facebook to clarify why Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer, and Milo Yiannopoulos were banned by Facebook and Instagram, we discovered the Facebook employee assigned to handle these communications is the former Press Director of Hillary For America.

Sarah Pollack is the Policy Communications Manager for Facebook who responded to Big League Politics when we sought comment on why Jones, Watson, Loomer, and Yiannopoulos were banned. She explained that users are no longer allowed to share videos or links including videos of Jones, and explained that this decision was made, in part, because Jones interviewed Gavin McInnes on his radio and TV program.

According to her LinkedIn history, Pollack was hired by Facebook in October of 2017 as a Policy Communications Associate Manager, and was promoted to her current role in February of this year.

Prior to joining Facebook, Pollack was the Director of Press Advance for Hillary for America, the presidential campaign of failed Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton. She held this position from March of 2016 until Clinton lost in November of the same year, and worked as a Press Advance Lead for Clinton as far back as June of 2015.

Before this, Pollack worked for Minassian Media Inc., which received nearly $500,000 from the Clinton Foundation during the 2016 election. Its owner, Craig Minassian, was paid $200,000 per year as the Clinton Foundation’s Chief Communications Officer.

Further back, Pollack worked in the Obama White House as a Press Advance Associate in the Department of Scheduling and Advance.

Even further back, Pollack held two more positions at Minassian Media, as a Coordinator and then Associate.

Pollack’s LinkedIn reveals her first position in the workforce was as a Membership Intern for the Clinton Global Initiative.

It is not known if Pollack is the same Facebook employee who gave left wing media advanced notice of their intention to ban Jones, Watson, Loomer, and Yiannopoulos, but she has been the primary point of contact for Big League Politics, and she confirmed via email that she is the main person at Facebook who deals with questions surrounding policy enforcement.

Pollack and Facebook also refused to acknowledge or deny an official relationship with the legally embattled Southern Poverty Law Center, even after the SPLC took credit for last week’s censorship. Facebook did, however, deny mapping to the SPLC’s list of “hate figures” to determine who to allow on Facebook.

The fact that Facebook would hire an obviously partisan individual to explain why Jones is a “hate figure” is stunning, especially considering Clinton referred to Jones by name in a 2016 speech slamming President Donald J. Trump and conservatives.

Clinton made the false claim that Jones believes no children died during the atrocious Sandy Hook School Shooting, which saw over 20 elementary school students lose their lives.

Jones responded in 2016, saying “What they’ve done is create a strawman — a fake Alex Jones — and they’re putting words in his mouth.”

It would appear this practice has made its way from Clinton’s campaign to the mainstream media and now into Facebook’s internal mechanisms.

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