HUGE: Mitt Romney Spokesman Reveals He’s Not an Automatic ‘No’ On SCOTUS Nominee Confirmation

Mitt Romney Votes With Democrats Against Wall

Mitt Romney isn’t an automatic ‘no’ vote for a Supreme Court nominee in the Senate, contrary to initial reports suggesting that he would be.

Initial reports- just hours after Ginsberg’s death- from an anonymous(as usual) source claiming to be a Romney ‘insider’ had suggested that the Utah Senator was already planning to refuse a confirmation vote for a tentative Trump administration SCOTUS nominee.

Senator Romney’s communications director, Liz Johnson, refuted the report just hours after former Utah State Senator Jim Dabakis claimed to have been privy to it.

A similar report had come out at the time of Ginsberg’s death, claiming that Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley was also planning to vote no on a potential Trump administration nominee. This report that was also promptly corrected by a Grassley spokesperson.

This is a game changer for the potential confirmation prospects of a Trump administration Supreme Court nominee. It leaves Maine’s Susan Collins and Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski as the only outstanding Republican ‘no’ votes on a nominee, hypothetically opening up a possibility of 51 votes(if every single Democrat votes against a SCOTUS nominee) to confirm a judge in the Senate.

It’s even possible to confirm a SCOTUS judge with fifty votes and a Vice Presidential tiebreaker, but an extra potential vote would give Senate Republicans breathing room for error.

Romney is known for his liberal sympathies, but he has not come out in opposition to a SCOTUS nominee as of yet. He’ll doubtlessly receive a load of invective and hate from the progressive left for refusing to instantly ice a new judge, especially if he actually votes in favor of the confirmation of the eventual nominee.


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