HUGE: Nigel Farage, Trump Veterans Unite To Push Back Against George Soros

Farage Trump Veterans Soros

Nigel Farage is teaming up with former Trump campaign manager Cory Lewendowski, veterans from the Reagan administration and other prominent populist voices to push back against globalist billionaire financier George Soros and his propaganda engine.

Following Farage’s pledge to campaign for President Donald Trump’s reelection in 2020, he is uniting with prominent Trump supporters in a new World4Brexit movement that pledges to push back against the Soros propaganda machine.

The Washington Examiner reported:

Farage attended the New York launch of the group, World4Brexit, on Thursday night along with Corey Lewandowksi, the former Trump campaign manager, and Phil Bryant, the Republican governor of Mississippi.

Donations will be used to promote the benefits of Brexit to the U.K. and the world said Farage, pushing back against a global elite intent on stifling the will of the British people who voted to leave the EU Money will not be be used to fund political campaigns.

“This is a counterblast to George Soros,” Farage told the Washington Examiner. The billionaire investor’s Open Society Foundation has poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into groups such as Best for Britain, which campaign in favor of the EU.

Earlier this year, Farage started the widely sensational Brexit Party in the United Kingdom, aimed at electing Euroskeptics to the European parliament who would be sympathetic toward removing the United Kingdom from the entangling union. The party was shockingly successful, beating back the two ruling parties in the United Kingdom and taking an unprecedented number of seats.

CNBC reported:

The U.K. participated in European Parliamentary elections on Thursday after failing to leave the EU at the end of March. The UK is electing 73 MEPs from across 12 regions and 10 have so far declared. The Brexit Party have 28 MEPs winning 32% of the vote and are largest party in 9 regions.

The pro-EU Lib Dems have also made gains, taking second place with 20%. The Green Party also enjoyed a good night, recording its best performance since 1989.

The Conservative Party was ignored by the electorate, winning only 3 MEPs while the main opposition Labour Party won 10 MEPs and just 11% of the vote.

Farage was previously victim to a milkshake attack in the United Kingdom while campaigning for the Brexit Party. The man who threw the milkshake was apprehended and later admitted guilt, being given a mild sentence, likely in exchange for his guilty plea.

Should Farage’s efforts in the United States be as successful as those in the United Kingdom, President Trump should sail through the next election, and Soros’s propaganda machine will be dealt a severe blow.

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