HUGE: Phoenix, AZ Trump Parade Stretches 30 Miles, 1500 Vehicles

Supporters of President Donald Trump organized a vehicular ‘parade’ in support of the President in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area on Sunday, with some accounts of the event describing it as stretching 30 miles across Phoenix highways and containing 1500 vehicles.

The formation was organized by a group called Patriots for Arizona.

Supporters of President Trump displayed American flags, pro-Trump imagery, and other banners demonstrating their support for Donald Trump. Congresswoman Debbie Lesko, who represents Arizona’s 8th District in the House of Representatives, documented the size of the pro-Trump parade on Phoenix’s I-17 highway.

More video of the highway parade indicated at least hundreds of vehicles in the formation.

Even liberals in the state admitted forlornly that the parade was striking in magnitude.

It’s overwhelming and profound to see the support and the compassion and love for this president,” said parade organizer Theresa Montoya. President Trump is slated to hold campaign rallies in Tucson and Prescott on Monday, cities outside of the Phoenix area in which he’s looking to run up support.

Arizona is increasingly depicted as a blue-leaning swing state by professional media class and elite liberals, but there’s evidence that the state is set to vote for President Trump by a margin greater than in 2016 on the ground. A recent poll indicated that President Trump has the support of 48% of voters in Maricopa County- a margin that would suggest President Trump is primed to secure more than 50% of the state’s popular vote in the November general election.

If President Trump can secure the traditionally Republican states of Arizona, Florida and North Carolina on election night, he only needs one Midwestern Rust Belt state to secure an electoral college victory. Joe Biden has pivoted away from campaign attempts to win Arizona, instead going all-in on the critical swing state of Pennsylvania.

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