Hundreds of Gun Dealers are Losing Licenses Due to Biden Regime’s Zero Tolerance Gun Control Policy

The Biden regime has been revoking licenses from hundreds of firearms vendors as part of a federal zero tolerance policy against the Second Amendment policy. 

Naturally, such a move has angered gun owners and members of the Second Amendment. Additionally, law enforcement veterans have had mixed views with respect to this crackdown. Some argue that this is a much-needed change after years of perceived lax enforcement of federal gun control regulations. Others believe that such a move would misallocate government resources in the fight to stave off gun violence. 

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has already revoked the licenses of 122 gun vendors in the fiscal year that started in October, which is an increase from 90 for the previous year and 27 in 2021. 

On a prior occasion, ATF issued warnings to many firearms vendors for legal violations. The Trump and Obama administrations never revoked over 81 dealers’ licenses annually since at least 2013.

In response to these developments, gun dealers have filed lawsuits and threatened to stop telling federal agents about suspicious buyers, asserting that the current crackdown is a way to punish the firearms industry by a regime that is adverse to them.

The Biden regime has been pushing for more gun control via legislation and regulatory action, claiming that it is simply enforcing the law.

Sadly, this is the product of a complacent conservative movement who treats unconstitutional government agencies like the ATF as normal entities. In reality, these agencies represent an insidious form of bureaucratic tyranny that would have the Founding Fathers absolutely terrified if they were alive today. The ATF simply can’t face the will of angry voters due to the unelected nature of its functionaries. Even when it screws up, it will continue receiving bigger budgets and have its power expanded. 

If the Second Amendment community is serious about restoring gun rights in America, taking on the ATF head-on is of the utmost importance. That means defunding and eventually abolishing it. 

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