Hungarian Foreign Minister Believes Anti-Russian Sanctions Largely Harm the West

In an interview with Russia-state media outlet TASS, Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Peter Szijjarto declared that the Collective West’s sanctions war against Russia is bringing about significant harm to Europe and working class Europeans. 

During this interview, which took place while the UN General Assembly was running, Szijjarto stated:

If you look at the sanction policy of the European Union, not in an ideological not in a political but in a professional manner, then it’s obvious that it is extremely painful to Europe, extremely painful. Inflation is skyrocketing, energy prices are in the skies, price for commodities food is increasing like hell. So this sanction policy is definitely extremely harmful to Europe and European people.

Szijjarto is one of the select few statesmen who exercises realism and restraint on the world stage. 

Hungary is an interesting case study. Its government is known for its unapologetic traditionalist stances on a host of issues ranging from immigration to resisting the radical LGBT agenda. On top of that, it has pursued an independent foreign policy. Instead of blindly pursuing a university foreign policy of antagonism towards Eurasian powerhouses such as China and Russia, Hungary has opted for a more multi-vector foreign policy approach that seeks to play off Eurasia against the Collective West.

This is the way sober countries conduct foreign policy. Just like Hungary offers the West a nationalist alternative to the reigning globalist status quo that has engulfed this region, the West could also take a page out of Hungary’s restrained foreign policy playbook.

For sanity to return to the West, right wing-populist parties will have to thoroughly dominate electorally. Right-wing populists are the only political actors who truly understand what’s at stake and are willing to confront the powers that be


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