Hungarian Government Rejects European Union’s Plan to Establish “Migrant Ghettos” in Hungary

On July 7, 2023 during the Hungarian-Austrian-Serbian migration summit in Vienna, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced that the Hungarian government refuses to carry out the EU’s migrant relocation plans, will not adopt mandatory migrant quotas, and has no desire to set up “migrant ghettos” or migrant camps in the country, Friday.

“We will not accept the mandatory quota nor will we accept the obligation to build migrant ghettos and camps. We will find a legal and political way to ensure that Hungary does not implement the latest decision from Brussels,” Orban declared during the summit.

“The situation is sad, but Hungary must defend itself not only against illegal migrants and people smugglers, but also against Brussels, and we will do so,” he continued.

Orban’s comments come after the EU is moving ahead with a scheme for the mandatory relocation of migrants across Europe. EU member states who refuse to take in migrants will be subjected to a fine of €20,000 per migrant.

Orban is one of the last sane leaders in the West. In addition, he is undoubtedly the greatest Western leader of the 21st century thus far. His support for foreign policy realism, immigration patriotism, national sovereignty, and traditional values.

If Western leaders are actually serious about their countries’s socio-economic integrity, they should follow Orban’s example and implement tough nationalist policies.

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