Hungary Calls Out the US for Meddling in Its Internal Affairs

Earlier this month, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto had choice words for the US Ambassador to Hungary David Pressman for allegedly meddling in the country’s internal affairs.

Pressman has been critical of Hungary’s relatively neutral stances towards the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, which he believes are actually “pro-Russian.” The ambassador was also critical of Hungary’s refusal to jump on the anti-Russia sanctions bandwagon.

Szijjarto declared that “Nobody can tell us from the outside how to live.”

“Nobody can tell us from the outside how to live, so it is of no interest what a citizen of another country – be it an ambassador – thinks about the domestic political processes in Hungary,” Szijjarto declared at a press conference. “We ask for more respect for the Hungarians, even from the ambassador.”

Szijjarto added that it’s not the ambassador’s “job to interfere in the internal affairs of Hungary.” He continued: “If he wants to use his stay in Hungary to qualify the activities of the government elected by the Hungarian people with a fairly clear majority… then he will have a very difficult time.”

Szijjarto stated that when Hungary hosts foreign ambassadors, there’s an expectation for them to behave in an appropriate manner and  attempt to strengthen bilateral relations. The Hungarian Foreign Minister stressed that the era of foreign ambassadors lecturing Hungarians on how to live in their own country “is over.”

Hungary has built international notoriety for opposing the Collective West’s sanctions against Russia. It has generally opposed these sanctions on the grounds that the sanctions have done a number on the EU economy. Moreover, the Orbán government has been critical of continued military aid being sent to Ukraine, which he believes makes EU and NATO members states parties to the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. Instead of arming Ukraine to the teeth, Orbàn believes that the Collective West should seek “a ceasefire and peace talks” in Ukraine.

In a sane polity, this would be the best course of action. Unfortunately, the West is not sane and is completely possessed by an interventionist mindset, hence its continued support for Ukraine in its struggle with a nuclear power such as Russia. This does not augur well for world peace. 

Hopefully, right-wing nationalists with strong realist tendencies take power across the West and end this geopolitical crisis once and for all. The world does not need to sleepwalk into a nuclear conflict.

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