Hungary Warns of the EU’s Open Borders Agenda

The Hungarian government is warning EU member nations of Brussels’s intent to shove open borders down their throats.

Dr. Zoltán Kovács, the State Secretary for International Communications and Relations, expressed his concern about the EU’s latest move to undermine national sovereignty within its bloc.

Kovács specifically singed out the plans to reform and expand the EU Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex)’s role as an attempt to infringe on the sovereignty of member-states” by taking border control out of national governments’ hands and transferring it to Frontex instead.

He backed up his claims about the Brussels elite’s goals by quoting German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the bloc’s most powerful open borders proponent:

“[President of the European Commission] Jean-Claude Juncker has already put forward a proposal that states that Frontex must be reinforced. However, this also means – and this is what I support, at least – that member-states on the external border of the EU must give up their national competencies in order to give Frontex truly comprehensive competencies.”

Kovács continued his warnings:

“Beware when a senior figure says that countries “with external EU borders” should “surrender their national competences”. That should set off warning bells throughout the EU.”

Interestingly, Kovács highlighted how EU leaders focus on border management and never on strengthening or defending borders. In Kovács’s view, border management is a euphemism for allowing mass migration into the EU.

At the same time, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Stíjjártó asserted that Brussels’s growing opposition to pro-sovereignty, anti-mass migration governments in Europe is due to their unwillingness to become “migrant hosts”. Stíjjártó addressed this point a press conference with Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz.

The Hungarian Foreign Minister also noted that the EU was enraged when Hungary and Poland were the first European countries to reject the United Nations Global Compact for Migration.

Under Viktor Orbán’s leadership, Hungary has been a bastion of rationality in the EU. Its skepticism of open borders is warranted given the disturbing social effects it has had in countries like France and the United Kingdom.

Countries have every right to pursue whatever immigration policies they see fit. However, when supranational entities like the EU step in and impose one-size-fits all policies on them, that’s where a line has to be drawn.

Simply put, a multinational open borders experiment is a disaster waiting to happen.



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