WATCH: Hunter Biden Laptop Store Owner Details the Delivery of Infamous Device in New Video

The Delaware computer repair business owner who exposed the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop is speaking out in a new video, revealing the circumstances in which Hunter Biden delivered the device to his shop.

In the Friday video, John Paul Mac Isaac also discusses being legally blind, explaining why he declined to conclusively state that Hunter Biden had in fact dropped off the laptop at his shop before the election when asked by the press. Isaac had feared that dishonest journalists would question his account of events on the basis of his blindness, claiming he couldn’t have recognized Hunter Biden dropping off the device.

I was concerned that if I told them I was 100% the client was who he said he was, that they would ultimately see my cane or use my visual impairment to discredit me.

Mac Isaac’s decision to step forward and provide a copy of the device’s hard drive to whistleblowers proved consequential, revealing pervasive Biden family corruption and suspicious foreign business dealings of the troubled younger Biden. Contents of the Biden laptop spurred the most wide-ranging censorship campaign in American history on the part of Big Tech.

The client came into my shop, April 12th, 2019. When I checked him in, he provided a first name, last name, email address and phone number.” Mac Isaac ultimately became the legal owner of the younger Biden’s laptop when the troubled Biden son refused to pick up the device after repairs were complete, pursuant to the repair agreement Biden signed.

I am 100% the person in those videos, photos, and other data that I was hired to recover, was the same person that came into my shop and dropped off that machine.

The Biden campaign has since confirmed that Hunter Biden is under active Department of Justice investigation, incorrectly claiming that only his taxes were being examined. Reports from within the DOJ have indicated that Biden’s foreign business dealings are under federal scrutiny, as well as potential money laundering.

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