‘I Am ANTIFA’: Ted Wheeler’s Possible Successor in Portland is Far More Radically Leftist

With Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s administration going down in flames, his potential successor is scoring political points due to his abject failure as a leader.

Unfortunately, his potential successor – far-left activist Sarah Iannarone – is going to be even worse than Wheeler when it comes to placating domestic terrorists.

Iannarone openly endorsed the ANTIFA terrorist movement back in Jan. 2019 with an incendiary tweet:

She has also tacitly endorsed violence from the terrorists who have been laying waste to Portland for months now.

“We need to understand these protests are part of a healthy democracy. Peaceful protests, in my opinion, might not necessarily be moving the conversation forward,” Iannarone said.

Additionally, Iannarone has criticized Wheeler for doing too much to push back against the terrorists in the streets:

Back in reality, Wheeler has let the left-wing thugs in Portland loose, covering for them up until the point where he could no longer credibly do so.

Big League Politics reported on how it took weeks of violence for the Portland Mayor to finally admit that the displays were violent:

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler finally admitted that the ANTIFA criminals responsible for street violence in Portland over the past three months are not “peaceful protestors” on Thursday, condemning the militants in the strongest terms yet. Wheeler had previously been a staunch apologist for the street criminals…

“This is not peaceful protest… This is not advocacy to advance reforms or transform any system.”

Wheeler’s remarks in the Thursday press conference come a night after an ANTIFA mob attempted to set fire to a Portland Police Bureau building in South Portland, while many people were inside the structure. The mob of leftist miscreants has swiftly moved on to Portland police buildings.

In a surprise to no one, criminal activity and dangerous left-wing street riots have continued after the City of Portland finally accepted responsibility for its obligation to secure the Hatfield Federal Courthouse from ANTIFA militancy and political violence. Wheeler had falsely claimed that the rioters were only acting out because of the deployment of federal law enforcement to Portland, an assertion promptly disproved as the rioters have continued to commit crimes this week…

It’s rich for Wheeler to make any claim that his city administration opposes the left-wing terror, after carrying water for the ANTIFA mob for weeks as federal authorities sought to repel attacks on the courthouse.

The city of Portland may be too far gone. A Maoist regime may be inevitable for the town that has become a textbook example of the folly of leftism.

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