I Wrote A Biography About AOC. She Was Once A Capitalist.

Once upon a time, in the not-too-distant past, Democratic Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.) was a capitalist.

My research began when my book publisher asked if I’d write a biography on the young congresswoman. I gladly obliged, fascinated by the prospect of learning about what makes a political phenomenon – perhaps even first hand.

But my book, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Her Mysterious Rise from Bartender to Congresswoman, does not include an interview with AOC. In fact, she and her staff stayed as far away from me as possible.

Though I did manage an exclusive interview with her spokesman Corbin Trent when I showed up at her office unannounced, I couldn’t help but think that her campaign was desperately trying to protect an image that it had cultivated for her.

I began thinking: what do we actually know about AOC?

The answer, in short, is not much.

Despite the hundreds of thousands of news headlines, AOC’s biography – at least the once cultivated by her campaign team – is short.

She was a bartender, then she worked for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-V.T.) in 2016 when he ran for president, then she ran for Congress.

She is, and always has been, a young socialist.

But what if I told you that wasn’t true?

What if I told you, instead, that AOC was actually a bona fide entrepreneur?

What if I told you that she complained on record in 2012 about how small business taxes were crushing private enterprise – particularly her private enterprise, Brook Avenue Press?

What if I told you that she is surrounded by upstart young capitalists, including her closest friends and boyfriend Riley Roberts?

That information turned AOC’s biography into a mystery (hence the title), and all the receipts can be found within the text. AOC did much more than mix Manhattans in Manhattan before running for Congress, and for some reason, her campaign people are hell bent on keeping that side of her story out of the public eye.

The book also includes bombshell interviews with local residents from her real hometown, an upper-middle class suburb of New York City called Yorktown Heights, which is nowhere even remotely near her claimed hometown of the Bronx, as well as other exclusive biographical information.

It can be purchased here.

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