“ICE Bae” Captures the Hearts of American Patriots

An Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer became a viral Twitter celebrity this week, after being photographed during Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to an immigration detention facility in McAllen, Texas.

Many conservatives and border security advocates appear to have developed an infatuation for the woman, who was seen performing her duties in front of a holding area for detained illegal aliens.

The officer, who gained the moniker of “ICE Bae,” is actually a Customs and Border Patrol officer. CBP enforces immigration law at America’s borders, whereas ICE is tasked with internal immigration enforcement.

Many where surprised when the patriotic young lady identified herself on Twitter, responding to some of her fans and expressing thanks for the support of CBP. She identified as a customs officer, thanking her admirers for their support in the face of relentless criticism from progressive and Democrats.


“Kiara C” later confirmed her identity in another tweet, describing her role in providing security for Vice President Mike Pence in his inspection of the Texas CBP facility.


As radical Democrats and open-borders advocates such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez agitate for the abolition of immigration enforcement agencies such as CBP and ICE, front line patriots like ICE Bae continue in the tireless mission tasked of them to secure the border and enforce America’s immigration laws.

Perhaps some of the most patriotic Americans will momentarily forget about their U.S. citizenship if they’re questioned by ICE Bae, making themselves liable for arrest and detention under her supervision.

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