ICONS: Armed Saint Louis Couple Confronts Trespassing Rioters, Doxxed By Left-Wing Hate Campaign

A St. Louis couple defended their property from a mob of Black Lives Matter rioters who were trespassing in their gated community.

The rioters had decided to take their “protest” to a suburban residential neighborhood, unlawfully and in a manner that was calculated to cause alarm among the neighborhood’s residents.

As the BLM mob marched through the streets of their neighborhood, the couple came outside, armed with an AR-15 rifle and what appears to be a .22 semiautomatic pistol in defense of their home.

Additional footage of the event reveals that the rioters were clearly trespassing on private property, entering a residential neighborhood that is no place for a political protest, not to mention violating city laws.


The online Left immediately commenced a hate and doxxing campaign against the couple, seeking their arrest for defying the Black Lives Matter movement and daring the defend their home from the well-documented tendencies of looting, violence and vandalism on the part of the political movement.

The husband merely encouraged the BLM protestors to “keep moving,” showing restraint in avoiding a direct confrontation with trespassers that could’ve escalated the situation.

Additional photography and video of the confrontation shows left-wing trespassers insulting and assailing the couple.

Missouri has relatively permissive gun and self-defense laws, and it’s somewhat unlikely- barring the involvement of a fanatic ideologue left-wing prosecutor- that the couple could be criminally charged for merely bearing weapons on their own property as a mob of trespassers walked in the vicinity.

One left-winger who immediately doxxed the couple on Twitter made his account private, facing a significant backlash for his attempt to persecute two law-abiding patriots. Big League Politics is refraining from identifying the couple at this time.

Conservatives and right-wingers largely hailed the couple for their bravery, recognizing their legal right to defend their property with weapons in a situation that the riotous mob of trespassing protestors could’ve possibly turned dangerous. No one was hurt in the confrontation.

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