Idaho Governor Signs Law Banning Transgender People From Changing Their Birth Certificates

Idaho Governor Brad Little (R) signed a law on Monday that bans transgender individuals from altering their birth certificate to conform with their severe mental illness.

Far-left activists are planning to file lawsuits in an attempt to violate the will of the people and get this common-sense measure overturned.

“Lambda Legal already sued the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare over birth certificates and won in 2018, and we’ll see the state back in federal court again,” said Lambda Legal attorney Kara Ingelhart to Newsweek.

“The policy was unconstitutional two years ago, and it is still unconstitutional today,” she added.

However, with Supreme Court now bolstered with conservative jurists, the courts may correct the legal precedent in the name of sanity.

In addition to signing this measure into law, Gov. Little also signed legislation that will ban transgender “women” from participating with birth women in sporting events at public school. There is a landmark lawsuit that has been filed in the state of Connecticut that argues allowing birth men in sporting events with birth women is a federal civil rights violation.

“As we look at the culture we’re in right now, to have opportunities taken away from girls and women by boys and men, it’s not right. It’s absolutely not right,” said Idaho State Representative Barbara Ehardt, who was the primary sponsor of the bill.

Big League Politics has reported extensively on the strides that the state of Idaho is making against the LGBT agenda:

The Idaho state house has approved a bill that would ban transgender individuals from changing their sex on birth certificates, in a rebuke of LGBT insanity.

House Bill 509 maintains that “there is a compelling interest in maintaining accurate, quantitative, biology-based material facts on Idaho certificates of birth that provide material facts fundamental to the performance of government functions that secure the public health and safety.”

The bill also states that “biological sex is an objectively defined category that has obvious, immutable, and distinguishable characteristics” that are God’s design and cannot be changed by man.

Republican Rep. Julianne Young introduced the legislation in an attempt to stop the LGBT war against science and reality.

“It is better to be correct than politically correct where human lives are concerned,” Young said to the Idaho Statesman.

Idaho is the latest in a wave of states that are pushing back against LGBT tyranny that is jeopardizing the rule of law and turning society upside down.

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