Idaho High School Football Game is Cancelled After Ammon Bundy Refuses to Wear a Mask in Attendance

An Idaho high school football game was cancelled last Friday after freedom activist Ammon Bundy refused to put on a face mask despite being ordered to do so.

Bundy was at the game to watch his son, who plays linebacker for the Emmett High School Huskies, face off against the home team, the Caldwell Cougars. Bundy was turned away at the event for refusing to put on the face mask and show fealty to senseless commands from authority.

After Bundy attempted to watch the game in the parking lot, he was again accosted by busybody school officials. He stood his ground and refused to budge. As a result, the game was called at halftime with the Huskies routing the Cougars by a score of 35-0.

“I have a strong belief in my right to choose to wear a mask or not,” Bundy said. “And if they think somehow there’s a safety issue, then they need to section off a part of the bleachers to accommodate for those of us who believe differently than others.”

Emmett Independent School District Superintendent Craig Woods threw Bundy under the bus for standing on his own two feet like an American should.

“This is incredibly sad for the Emmett High School football team, high school and community. They were winning the game,” Woods said in a statement released over the weekend.

“They’ve been having a great season, and they’ve worked hard. We were the visitors. We should respect the host’s policies and procedures. Whether you agree or not when it comes to masks, the football team should not have to suffer the consequences. I’m proud of the Huskies. They did not ask for this,” he added.

Big League Politics has reported on Bundy’s push back against unconstitutional and grotesque COVID-19 policies since the media-driven mass hysteria has consumed the souls of hapless Americans:

A group of protesters showed up at a law enforcement officer’s home on Tuesday evening shortly after a woman was hauled off in handcuffs and arrested for taking her children to a playground.

Two uniformed law enforcement officials can be seen outside of the home and interacting with protesters who are outraged with the lockdown tyranny that has arisen as a result of the coronavirus panic. The home belongs to one of the officers responsible for carrying out the brazenly tyrannical order.

“They need to know this is not okay,” one concerned citizen told police.

“We the people are not okay with this at all,” another woman stated definitively.

A man who appeared to take the lead at the protest made sure that everyone there remained peaceful and respected the property rights of the police officer.

“We are here to show our solidarity with Sarah Brady who was arrested today, a completely innocent woman, for being in the park playing with her children,” the concerned citizen said.

Renowned freedom protester Ammon Bundy showed up as well to inform the police that the line is being drawn in the sand.

“The people will not allow you guys to do this long, for very long. You will not go into parks and arrest people. You will not go into parks and arrest mothers, or you will not go anywhere and arrest us for exercising what our rights are. You do not have that right. You have limitations,” Bundy explained.

“We will not sit by idle while you guys arrest people in parks or in churches or in their places of work. We will not allow that to happen. It just cannot happen,” he declared.

If American freedom lasts for another generation (a big if), patriots like Bundy will be remembered as the second coming of the founding fathers for putting themselves at great risk to preserve liberty.

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