IDIOT: Member of “Pointing Guns at [Benis]” Facebook Group Accidentally Shoots Himself

A man who was a member of an idiotic Facebook group created to share pictures of juvenile young men pointing loaded guns at their crotches appears to have shot himself on Tuesday.

Video of the negligent discharge was posted to the “Pointing Guns at [Benis]” Facebook group on Tuesday. A video reveals a man chambering a round in a .45 1911 pistol, pointing the loaded weapon at his crotch. The weapon appears to go off, and it’s unclear how the discharge happened.

The idiotic Facebook group was created by a group of juvenile gun enthusiasts, intended as a means to aggravate the vast majority of Second Amendment supporters who actually support robust gun safety. (No, not gun control, but behaving in a responsible and adult manner with firearms and recognizing them as the lethal weapons they are.)

It is possible that the gun was loaded with a blank round as an idiotic prank, a trick that is still dangerous to the irresponsible gun owner and a waste of medical resources that could be used to treat more serious people.

However, the moron uploaded a picture of his bloody floor, claiming that he later went to the hospital after shooting himself in the scrotum. An administrator for the ill-advised Facebook group claims that he was released from a hospital the next day without serious injury.

The group itself appears to have been deleted by Facebook, made into a private group, or disbanded by its administrators as of Saturday.

Please, don’t engage in moronic conduct such as this. Never point any firearm-even if you think it’s unloaded- at anything you’re not willing to shoot.

Let the actions of this fool serve as a warning that a gun isn’t intended as a protest prop, a bang bang toy, or a slick gadget primarily meant to be shown off to your friends.

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