Ilhan Omar Doubles Down, Calls Stephen Miller ‘White Nationalist’ For Lack of Immigration Support

Ilhan Omar Stephen Miller White Nationalist

Anti-Semitic freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar doubled down on her statement that Jewish man and Presidential Advisor Stephen Miller is a white nationalist today, citing his lack of support for immigration as evidence.

Yesterday Omar, who has repeatedly made anti-Semitic remarks in her brief tenure in Congress, claimed on Twitter that Miller is a white nationalist without providing context or evidence. Today she went on to double down on this claim while speaking to CNN reporters, citing Miller’s lack of support for unchecked immigration as evidence of his racist views.

“It is the most bizarre thing, you know we’re talking about someone who truly believes not a single refugee, a single immigrant should set foot on American soil,” said Omar. “And I’m appalled by that, because unlike him and others I haven’t forgotten my roots. I know what it meant for me to get the opportunity to come to the United States to start anew.”

The freshman congresswoman then invoked President Donald J. Trump’s name, seeming to lump them both into the category of white nationalist.

“Many of [Miller’s] family, and Trump’s family, came here to get that opportunity, and they forget, they forget, that is how they made, how they got the chance to become president, or work in the white house, because they got the chance to come to the united states, their families got the chance,” she said, stumbling.

“So when you get that opportunity you do not turn your back on the next person who is seeking that opportunity. And I am here to make sure that they don’t forget.”

CNN reporter Ashley Killough then asked Omar whether she considered President Trump a white nationalist as well. To this, Omar walked into the elevator, and made a strange smile while cocking her head, seeming to answer in the affirmative while deftly dodging verbally answering the question.

Aside from lack of immigration support, Omar has not been able to substantiate her claim that a Jewish man and top adviser to President Trump or that the president himself want a United States that serves only white Americans, the apparent definition of white nationalism.

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