Ilhan Omar Refuses to Apologize for Smearing Covington Boys

Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar declined to offer an apology to the boys of Covington Catholic High School on Tuesday night, stating that she believed “there are consequences on the way you behave.”

Omar had falsely claimed that the boys were “taunting five black men before they surrounded [Nathan] Philips and led racist chants.” She also erroneously alleged in her deleted tweets on the incident that the boys were yelling “it’s not rape if you enjoy it.”

Although they circulated widely in mainstream media after the January incident, both claims are incorrect. The boys did not surround Nathan Philips, the Native American protestor in the infamous video, nor did they taunt “five black men.” In fact, the boys themselves were racially abused by members of the Black Hebrew Israelites, a supremacist hate group.

Omar is now set to be served with a defamation lawsuit in regards to to false accusations of racial abuse against the students from the Kentucky High School.

When approached before the State of the Union Address by Eternal Word Television Network’s Jason Calvi, Omar seemed entirely unrepentant about her rush to judgement in response to the situation, despite having deleted her tweets.

She still is under the impression that the boys acted in an unacceptable manner towards Nathan Philips- despite having deleted her earlier tweets accusing them of “racism.” Watch here:

Omar was silent when asked point-blank if she wished to offer the boys an apology for her false statements.

It’s possible that Omar is setting herself up for the best possible legal defense in upcoming defamation or libel proceedings.

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