Illegal Alien Apprehensions at the Border are Hitting Record Numbers

Unquestionably, the situation at the border is deteriorating beyond belief. Ira Mehlman, the media director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, reported that this April’s apprehension numbers of illegal aliens were roughly 179,000. Mehlman argued that the “figure represents an astounding increase of more than 1,000 percent over April 2020 border apprehensions – hardly a ‘seasonal uptick,’ as claimed by the Biden administration.” When comparing these numbers to previous year, April’s apprehension figures were the highest of any month since 2000.

Per numbers from the CBP, 62.5% of illegal aliens apprehended were kicked out of the country in accordance with Title 42, which gives the government the power to expedite the removal of individuals who present a potential threat to the country. Title 42 was established in 1944 and was implemented by the Trump administration to expel people who entered the country illegally during the Wuhan virus pandemic. 

Mehlman noted that the Biden administration announced back in May that it has plans to stop Title 42 removals in the next few months. When taking these numbers into consideration, the 62.5% signifies that around 68,000 migrants were able to enter the US in April.

In April, the number of unaccompanied children, — 17,200 — and 50,000 family units — generally comprised of one parent and accompanying minor children — saw a slight decrease in April. However, Melhman observed that “These slight declines were offset by significant increases in single adults, primarily working age men in search of jobs in the U.S. About 110,000 such migrants were apprehended in April by CBP.”

In light of these alarming numbers, FAIR is calling on the Biden administration to do the following:

FAIR has called for the reinstatement of successful programs like the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), which returned migrants to Mexico while they awaited an initial hearing on their claims for political asylum. The MPPs effectively removed incentives for migrants to file fraudulent asylum claims. FAIR is also urging the Biden administration to restore effective agreements with the governments of Central American countries that prevented large numbers of migrants from heading north. Additionally, FAIR is calling on the administration to resume construction on the border wall, including sections of unbuilt barriers that have already been paid for by American taxpayers.

Many of the policies that Melhman mentioned were successfully implemented by the Trump administration, but later defanged or completely rescinded by the Biden administration. Indeed, there is a marked difference between the Trump and Biden administration on the national question — whether America has the right to determine the national character of their country. 

Even libertarian luminaries such as Ludwig von Mises acknowledged that immigration has cultural effects that could undermine the prevailing institutions of the host country. So there’s a vested interest for people of all factions of the right — from libertarians to generic conservatives — to crack down on mass migration to defend America’s national character and keep the Left from maintaining electoral hegemony. 

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