Illegal Alien Charged with First Degree Murder in Shooting Death of Oklahoma Mother

An illegal alien living in Oklahoma has been charged with the murder of a mother-of-one.

Mexican national Ramon Hector Martine Ontiveros, age 33, reportedly shot and killed 28-year-old Oklahoma resident Paige Gomer Thursday, according to Daily Mail.  Ontiveros, who subsequently admitted to the shooting has  been charged with first-degree murder, according to reports.

Sheriff Chris West of Canadian County said the investigation is still open, and that police are unsure whether the victim knew the perpetrator.

“We are still actively involved in this investigation where an American citizen died in the hands of an illegal alien in Canadian County,” he said.

Police said that while he was being transported to jail, Ontiveros admitted that he was responsible for firing the shot that ultimately killed Gomer.

“The Oklahoma State Medical Examiner is still investigating to pinpoint the exact cause of death,” according to the report.

The Oklahoman detailed the incident which led to Gomer’s alleged murder:

Authorities said between 7 and 8 p.m. Thursday, Ramon Hector Martine Ontiveros shot and killed Paige Gomer, 28, on State Highway 37 and Karnes Road in rural Canadian County.

Hinton police arrested Ontiveros about 9 p.m. Thursday after he reportedly fled the scene of the shooting. While he was being transported to the Canadian County jail, officers said Ontiveros “made admissions he was responsible for firing a weapon which resulted in Gomer’s fatal gunshot wound,” according to a news release.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has placed a detainer on Ontiveros, meaning that if he is ever released from prison, he will be deported back to his native Mexico.

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