Illegal Alien Fugitive Charged With Raping a 12-Year Old Child Apprehended At US-Mexico Border

A man who was charged with sex crimes against a child in North Carolina was apprehended last month at the southern border by Customs and Border Patrol. 31-year old Paulino Chavez Lopez was charged with first-degree statutory rape, statutory sex offense with a child by an adult, first-degree kidnapping and a misdemeanor probation violation in North Carolina in 2017.

A grand jury had approved the charges, which allege that Chavez had victimized a 12-year old girl who was known to him.

An investigator with the Morganton Department of Public Safety believed that Lopez had fled to his native Guatemala in 2017 when he was charged with the child sex crimes. His criminal charges remain pending, and the local authorities had assumed the foreign national was beyond the reach of the law.

However the child rape suspect thought he was lucky, and was caught at the US-Mexico border at some point in July trying to reenter the country. North Carolina authorities were surprised to learn that the criminal suspect was in custody of the federal agency.

Lopez’s extradition has already been arranged, and he was remanded to the Burke County Jail on Thursday.

Lopez is being held on a bond of more than $500,000, and his first court appearance is scheduled for September 17th.

It’s unclear if Lopez had been a legal resident of the country when he was charged with kidnapping and child sex crimes, but he was entering the country without lawful authorization.

The punk tried to play his luck, and now, he will pay the price.


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