Illegal Aliens Run Across Open Southern Border and Disappear In Cover of Night

New footage has emerged of a group of illegal immigrants crossing the porous southern border under cover of night, with no law enforcement to be seen as the group of men infiltrate a cotton field and disappear.

Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin filmed the concerning event early on Monday morning.

Border Patrol agents have increasingly been pulled from field duty arresting illegals to process paperwork and act as de facto babysitters for the untold thousands of illegals who infiltrate the border and turn themselves into the authorities, with hopes of receiving immigration asylum, citizenship and generous welfare benefits.

Human smuggling and drug trafficking has exploded as a result of the porous border, with citizens from nations such as Syria, Iran and Pakistan having been caught trying to sneak into the country through the southern border.

The Rio Grande Valley CBP sector, covering a wide swathe of southern Texas, is reportedly only patrolled by 12 Border Patrol agents, with the rest reassigned to ineffective and pointless administrative duties.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has admitted that the human smuggling and illegal immigration situation on the southern border is tantamount to a catastrophe in secretly recorded remarks to Border Patrol agents. 

US Citizenship and Immigration Services employees are now being authorized to grant asylum and legal residency to illegals in an extremely legally questionable move intended to avert the enforcement of immigration law in the court system. 

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