Illegal Immigrant Arrested in Fatal Virginia Hit-and-Run

An illegal immigrant has been arrested for his alleged involvement in a Virginia hit-and-run incident that caused the death of a 62-year old man.

Pichinte Echeverria was arrested at his workplace on Monday, two weeks after the May 6 death of Alberto Anthony Marino. Marino had been struck in a roadway earlier by a vehicle, and was struck again when laying in the roadway by the driver of a Nissan Xterra, fatally. The drivers of both vehicles fled the scene after striking the Virginia man.

Authorities are describing Walner Alberto Pichinte Echeverria, 35, of 6502 Monarch Road in Frederick, Md, as the driver of the Xterra. A source informed Potomac Local News that Echeverria had entered the country illegally at some point on Wednesday.

Law enforcement were able to identify Echeverria as the driver of the Xterra using surveillance footage obtained from a nearby gas station.

Local police are still looking for the driver of the first vehicle to strike Marino, which they say was a Toyota Corolla.

Echeverria is being charged with felony hit and run for his involvement in the incident. In any event, it appears likely that Marino’s death could’ve been avoided if not for Echeverria’s alleged reckless carelessness and illegal presence in the United States. Should he be convicted of the felony hit and run charges, he’ll likely serve a sentence in federal prison before being subject to deportation proceedings.

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