Illegal Migrants Hurl Stones at Guards Patrolling the Hungarian-Serbian Border

Hungarian border guards patrolling the country’s southern border with Serbia had rocks hurled at them by a group of migrants who had been trying to illegally enter Hungary over the weekend.

The incident, which took place on Friday night at the border crossing in the tiny village of Hercegszántó, began when 17 illegal migrants – all of whom had been attempting to scale the border fence – fled the scene after Hungarian authorities spotted them. Minutes later, however, six additional migrants arrived at the fence and began hurling stones at the border guards, Hungary Today reports.

The migrants eventually retreated towards Serbia after officers deployed gas canisters. According to a press release from Hungary’s national police, no officers suffered injuries as a result of the attack. 

The incident comes amid a recent uptick in violence at the Hungarian-Serbian border.

Weeks ago, a similar attack transpired near the small border village of Bácsalmás, and saw a group of 20 migrants chuck bricks at Hungarian border authorities as they tried to illegally enter the country. Again, police responded with tear gas projectiles, and the illegal border crossers were repelled. 

Following the attack, Hungarian National Security Advisor József Horváth noted that violent incidents along the border are likely to increase in the future as frustration among migrants mounts and as the number of Afghan migrants attempting to enter the E.U. rises.

“The latest attack also indicates that illegal migrants, who want to break into Hungary at all costs, are becoming more violent. At the same time, it cannot be ruled out that such an attack, i.e. throwing objects at police officers and soldiers in the territory of another country, is a test of people smugglers, thus testing Hungarian border protection,” Horváth said.

He continued, saying: “This is to be expected when the bad weather approaches, because before the autumn rains or the onset of winter, migrants want to cross the border at all costs in order to enter the European Union. On the other hand, it is also expected when the Taliban is set to occupy most of the country in Afghanistan.”

“Due to the situation there, a wave of refugees can also be predicted, and in addition, men who have a significant fighting routine will reach the Hungarian state border. And they can only imagine solving the problems by force.” 

Unfortunately, officers aren’t always lucky enough to walk away unscathed after violent clashes at the border.

In July, four Hungarian soldiers patrolling the border were injured in the village of Ásotthalom after migrants looking to illegally enter the country attacked them with canisters of gas from the Serbian side. In the days which followed the attack, the mayor of the village called on the Hungarian government to authorize border guards to use their weapons – and live ammunition – to defend themselves against such attacks.

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