Illegals Sue Texas For Crime Of Securing The Border

Texas border patrol officials

Since facing the prospect of strong primary competition, the now-victorious Governor Abbott of Texas has shown a noticeably greater degree of political backbone with regard to core grassroots conservative issues. In the Lone Star State’s case, the overwhelming issue is immigration and illegal border crossings, for obvious reasons. Indeed, Governor Abbott has gone as far as to redirect half a billion dollars from a number of state agencies to further fund Operation Lone Star in light of nearly complete inaction from the Biden regime. And for this show of principle, however much forced by the grassroots it might have been, the State of Texas appears to be looking down the barrel of a legal suit for their valiant efforts.

According to The Epoch Times, a group of illegal aliens has found the gal to file legal suits against several Texas state officials. The motivation for this brazen act of defiance appears to be the state government’s Operation Lone Star, specifically for supposed constitutional violations connected to its criminal trespass program. Apparently, these illegal aliens have not realized that they have trespassed into the home of others and the consequences thereof, a level of ignorance the left seems eager to cultivate in everyone.

A total of 15 brazen plaintiffs have decided to waste even more taxpayer resources on these legal proceedings. Moreover, the lawyers representing them have hopes of blowing the situation further out of proportion by laying the groundwork for a potential class-action lawsuit on behalf of a further two thousand illegals. The thread that the cabal appears to be holding onto is the supposed overincarceration of people on the basis of race, failing to point out that this is not a problem in the Black community due to the simple fact that they are almost exclusively legal citizens of the United States.

“In particular, the Plaintiffs and the Class Members have suffered a common cause of injury, namely the violation of their Fourth Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment rights,” the lawsuit states.

“Using state criminal law, the state of Texas and participating counties have created, and are carrying out what is, in reality, a system of state immigration enforcement that targets Black and Brown—primarily Latino—individuals for prosecution and enhanced punishment.”

In addition to wanting eighteen thousand dollars of compensation for each inmate for each day of them being supposedly held unconstitutionally, the lawyers in the case are also seeking to overturn Operation Lone Star, which will almost certainly result in the acceleration of the political purpling of Texas as what happened to California.

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