Illinois Governor Backtracks on Handing Out Healthcare to Illegal Aliens

Towards the end of June, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker stopped a program that would have provided taxpayer-funded health care benefits to illegal aliens after recognizing the tremendous cost to Illinois taxpayers would have to foot in order to see this program through.

This program guarantees taxpayer-subsidized healthcare benefits for illegal aliens was rolled out in 2022 with Pritzker spearheading it. Republican elected officials across Illinois warned that this program would put the taxpayers on the hook for billions in costs.

However, in late June, Pritzker revealed he will now have to semi-halt the program starting in July, maintaining it only for a sub-segment of older illegal aliens, due to the costs being too high for taxpayers to handle should the problem cover all illegal aliens.

“We need to make sure we are living within our fiscal limits in the state of Illinois,” Pritzker stated. “That is something that wasn’t done for a lot of years.”

Back in April, Republican State Representative Norine Hammond declared that the “dramatic growth” in Illinois’s illegal alien population and their eligibility for healthcare benefits “will require nearly a billion dollars in general revenue funds to support this program in Fiscal Year 2024.”

Illegal immigration is no cheap program. It’s both financially draining in terms of the infrastructure and welfare costs that American citizens must bear and the demographic damage it does to the Historic American Nation. To prevent a cataclysmic socio-economic collapse, both illegal and legal immigration must be stopped.

This has to be front and center of any serious nationalist program.

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