Illinois, Kentucky, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island Deployed National Guard Units to the Southern Border with Mexico

Per the office of New Hampshire Governor Chris Sunnunu, four states are sending roughly 500 soldiers to help shore up the southern border. The military units will be serving under the command of the 941st Military Police Battalion. This battalion already has 44 soldiers deployed at the border. 

On top of that, the governor announced that 120 soldiers from the 237th Military Police Company will be deployed to erect surveillance outposts along the border to prevent cartels from transporting drugs, money, and weapons into the United States.

According to Alice Giordano of the Epoch Times, “The units will cover a 250-mile stretch where illegal immigrants have been flooding into the United States.”

Lieutenant Colonel Carla Raisler, the director of public affairs for the Kentucky National Guard, informed The Epoch Times about how she was surprised with Sunnunu’s decision to announce specific details about the troop deployments. 

“Due to the security concerns of where the soldiers are inside the U.S. border, we don’t generally release information about the units or the size or their movements for security reasons to keep them and their families safe,” Raisler stated.

Major Jarred Rickey of the Rhode Island National Guard informed The Epoch Times that was only able to confirm that Rhode Island recently received a federal command to send National Guard units to the southwest border. He made it clear that this deployment was only a support mission and not a part of Operation Lone Star, which Texas Governor Greg Abbott launched in 2021. 

Lieutenant Colonel Brad Leighton, public affairs officer for the Illinois National Guard, said to The Epoch Times that a transportation company was being deployed as part of a regular rotation to replace a National Guard unit that has been stationed in the area for several months. Leighton reported that the Illinois National Guard will be pulling out its aviation detachment in October due to how it has accomplished its mission at the border, per Leighton.

Leighton revealed that he couldn’t disclose a lot of details with regards to the mission but did reveal that it was specifically designed to help Border Patrol with surveillance. 

Back in August, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker issued a proclamation concerning so-called “asylum-seekers”, in which he deemed the state “a disaster area” due to the busloads of immigrants hailing from Central and South America that were being bused from Texas.

Pritzker justified his move to declare a state of emergency on the grounds that he was aiding Illinois residents and local governmental entities in charge of public health, safety, and welfare in the face of the deluge of migrants flooding into Illinois.

Sununu described the situation at the border as “an ongoing humanitarian crisis.” The New Hampshire governor added that the two New Hampshire National Guard units will remain stationed at the US-Mexico border for a year.

This new deployment comes weeks following Abbott’s announcement that he was trimming down the National Guard presence at the southern border from 10,000 down to 5,000. 

The cold, hard truth is that the states will have to start assuming border patrol functions now that the federal government has become derelict on the issue. Republican border states must push the envelope and build a parallel border security infrastructure in order to protect the nation’s identity and devolve more power from an unsalvageable federal government. 

Desperate times call for desperate measures. 


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