IMF Chief: #MeToo is ‘Only Scratching The Surface’ and Extreme Feminism is Needed for Globalism

Although International Monetary Fund (IMF) managing director Christine Lagarde has never experienced sexism in the workplace because she is “too old and too tall” and that “it is hard to be sexist towards someone who is older and taller than you,” she is happy to see the #MeToo hysteria because it helps advance globalist objectives.

“I didn’t see #MeToo coming but I welcome it immensely,” Lagarde said during an interview with The Guardian.

“Sexual harassment is only scratching the surface. Violence against women is still a massive issue and we are not just talking about low income countries: it is in all societies. It has to be discussed, addressed and fought against. There are some terrible things happening to women,” she added.

Lagarde is paying lip service to feminism and women’s liberation in the preparation for International Women’s Day coming up on Friday, Mar. 8. She estimated that the taxpayer base and corporate profits could be maximized by up to 35 percent by forcing more women out of the household and into the workplace. Lagarde whined about supposed inequality making it difficult for she and her cronies to break up families and further devastate Western Civilization.

“Some forbid women from doing specific jobs, 59 countries have no laws against sexual harassment in the workplace and there are 18 countries where women can be legally prevented from working,” Lagarde lamented.

“Things are changing. There was a time when women in the economy, women in employment, women in finance were not seen as macro-critical. That’s no longer the case,” she added.

Lagarde also claims without presenting any real evidence that more affirmative action is needed to stabilize the corporate bank system.

“What we have observed is that when there are more women the banks’ capital buffers are larger, the number of non-performing loans is smaller and the risk indices are lower. It is not causality but it is a strong correlation,” she said.

Lagarde’s globalist vision will result in “higher growth, a reduction in inequality, an improvement in the strength of the economy and a more diversified, export-focused country” throughout the world. One of the pitfalls to her utopian system is backlash from the various #MeToo witch hunts, as modern feminism is empowering women to make false claims of sexual harassment to advance their careers.

“I worry that firms won’t employ people because of the political risk; because they think a women or a minority might cause trouble they will employ somebody else. I have not seen it happening, but it is on my radar,” Lagarde said.

Lagarde maintains that crippling austerity packages pushed by the IMF will keep in place the socialist benefits that help women and minorities in particular.

It is apparently just the poor, working class white people who will take the beating if Lagarde has her way.

“In most countries there is a social spending floor under which the authorities are not allowed to go. We have conducted studies on whether health and education budgets have been reduced and found that health budgets have been maintained and education budgets have increased slightly. In some countries, such as Egypt, Jordan, Niger and Mongolia, gender specific policies have been part of the reform package,” she said.

Lagarde is wise to push extreme feminism to prop up her fledgling globalism project. By propagandizing women to leave the household and convincing them to become consumerist wage slaves, the corporate state is strengthened at the direct expense of society as a whole.

Western Civilization will be lucky to survive after all the damage that feminism and women’s liberation have done to it. Rockefeller certainly received incredible return on his investment after funding this subversive project throughout the 1970s.