Immigrant Population Reaches its Highest Point in History Under the Biden Administration’s Watch

The number of immigrants in the United States has reached an all-time record. According to a report released on December 20, 2021, 46.2 million foreign-born people are residing in the country. 

Per a report by the Center for Immigration Studies covering the Census Bureau’s monthly Current Population Study (CPS), immigrants comprised 14.2% of the U.S population as of November 2021.

Katelyn Caralle and Morgan Phillips of The Daily Mail noted that “This figure is the highest the U.S. immigration population has been in 111 years.”

In a similar vein, this is a threefold increase of the share of the population and a twofold increase since 1990.

This year the US experienced record increases in illegal border crossings since Joe Biden was installed in office. His administration has taken a lackadaisical approach to immigration and has even gutted several Trump era regulations such as Remain in Mexico.

Legal immigration also contributed to the record number of migration, but illegal immigration still remains the main driver of this migrant surge.

According to Customs and Border Protection data, border patrol agents have encountered over 1.75 million migrants illegally crossing or attempting to obtain asylum in the U.S. 

Recently released numbers showed that CBP encountered 173,620 illegal crossers in November alone, which was a notable increase from the October crossing numbers of 164,753.

In a piece at The Washington Times, Immigration researcher Steven Camerota asserted that there was “pent-up demand for legal immigration, and illegal immigration has exploded in one of the greatest surges, if not the greatest, we’ve ever seen.”

“It’s driving the numbers up and up and up,” he continued.

CBP officials witnessed a 140% increase in illegal crossings at the southern border last month from November 2020. At that point in 2020, there were only 72,113 encounters.

The November figure is still lower than the 192,001 encounters recorded in September and 209,840 in August.

Fiscal year 2021 experienced a record number of border crossings at 1.7 million. 

CBP commissioner Chris Magnus was cheerful about the new border figures.

“CBP’s November Monthly Operational Update reflects an incredible amount of work on behalf of the American people to keep dangerous drugs and products out of our communities, to facilitate travel and billions of dollars in trade, and to maintain security along our borders,” Magnus declared in a statement.

“It’s an honor to lead a workforce whose mission is so vital to our economic health and national security. CBP’s vigilance is key to disrupting smugglers and transnational criminal organizations as they exploit vulnerable populations and attempt to traffic illegal and dangerous products.”

Earlier this month, the Biden administration was compelled to restore former President Trump’s Remain-in-Mexico policy via court order. Two of the Biden administration’s attempts to get rid of the policy, which requires migrant asylum seekers to wait in Mexico as their claims are being processed by migrant court, were overruled in court.

Indeed, the U.S. is at a critical moment in its history. The effects of multiple decades of mass migration are adding up like no other. If this is not checked, America as we know it will cease to exist. 

National populists have to make immigration the #1 issue heading into the 2022 elections. If this issue is ignored by the GOP, you can kiss the Historic American Nation goodbye. 

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