Immigration Patriot Raul Reyes Explains Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s Heinous Betrayal on the Border

Immigration patriot Raul Reyes, a former 2020 Congressional candidate in the 23rd District, appeared on BLP Live to explain the despicable border betrayal by Gov. Greg Abbott.

Reyes explained the bait-and-switch that was done by Abbott at the border so he could take the steam out of the legitimate efforts of grassroots activists while securing a photo op for himself to help his national star.

“We did a border security symposium when we realized that nobody was doing anything to tackle these open border policies from Joe Biden, and that led to a rally, and then another rally, and subsequently what happened was Abbott finally realized that the southern part of this border were getting pretty upset with his inaction,” Reyes said.

“So he goes to Del Rio and he runs over there and he says a few things. Two of the very critical ones is he said we’re going to finish the wall. Well, it turns out to be a chain-link fence, and most of it is still on the floor because they haven’t put it up,” he continued.

“And of course, the other one is that we are going to arrest everybody. Well, we were all excited…except for what happens is they brought in all DPS law enforcement from the North…it’s a delayed catch-and-release because what happens is they catch these illegal aliens and when they turn them over to border patrol because now it’s a federal law enforcement, they’re under policy by Joe Biden to then release them,” Reyes added.

Reyes has noted that he is going to support anybody but Abbott in next year’s Texas GOP gubernatorial primary battle, and Big League Politics has reported on the opposition that has arisen to challenge Abbott for his failure at the border and other anti-American policies:

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Allen West has announced that he will run for governor of Texas and primary challenge Greg Abbott, who is reviled by the state’s conservative base for refusing to secure the border.

“I’ve not been in elected political office for about a decade, but I can no longer sit on the sidelines and see what has happened in these United States of America and … the place that I call home,” said West, who served as Texas GOP chairman before stepping down to run for governor, in a video released on Independence Day.

West would become the first black Republican ever elected to be governor in any state in the nation if his challenge against Abbott is successful. P. B. S. Pinchback had previously served as Governor of Louisiana from 1872 to 1873 but he was appointed to the role and never elected through a vote of the people. West’s election would be a truly historic victory for Texas and the Republican Party in general.

West is not the only conservative who is stepping up to challenge Abbott. Former Texas state senator Don Huffines is also running against Abbott…

In addition to West and Huffines, right-wing entertainer Chad Prather is also primary challenging Abbott for governor. He is welcoming West to the fold, believing that a variety of voices are necessary to take down Abbott and the powerful Austin RINO machine that is backing him.”

Reyes believes that many conservatives will stay home if Abbott is on the Republican ballot next year because of how he has betrayed their values, and this could put a Democrat in the governor’s mansion in 2022.

The full BLP Live episode can be seen here:

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