IMPEACHMENT BUMP: New Poll Has Trump Beating Every Top Democratic Presidential Contender

A Suffolk University/USA Today Poll shows President Trump is now ahead of his likely electoral competition in next year’s presidential election.

Trump is beating former Vice President Joe Biden by 3 points in the poll. He is leading Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders by 5 points, and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren by 8 points. He is up on former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg by 9 points, and beating South Bend, IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg by 10 points.

“Polls taken nearly a year before an election are hardly a reliable indicator about what the eventual outcome will be, especially when the other nominee hasn’t been chosen. But the findings do indicate that impeachment hearings detailing what critics see as Trump’s violations of the Constitution and his oath of office haven’t undermined his core political support,” USA Today wrote while analyzing their poll findings.

Trump is also doing better in battleground states as voters see the Democrats grasping at straws conducting their partisan witch hunt.

Polling by Firehouse Strategies and Optimus released last week also showed how impeachment has resulted in Trump gaining in the Midwest. He now has substantial leads in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, with a six point lead over all competitors in those crucial states.

“Democrats racing towards impeachment are at serious risk of leaving behind the voters they need to retake the White House next year,” Firehouse partner Alex Conant said to Axios.

Even the Washington Post has to admit that impeachment is a big loser in the key states that will likely decide the presidency in 2020. A composite of a dozen polls taken in October and November in battleground states like Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Nevada, Florida and Wisconsin show 44 percent of voters in those states supporting impeachment while 51 percent oppose.

Voters told the USA Today that the impeachment proceedings are making them more sympathetic to the President.

“I like Donald Trump’s attitude,” said 45-year-old Army veteran and former teacher Amy Locklear, an undecided voter from Maxton, North Carolina.

“If you say you’re going to do something, he’ll do it. He actually gets it done,” she said, adding that she is leaning toward voting Republican next year.

“Why waste the time going through all the stuff we’re going through now?” asked 42-year-old conservative truck driver Jason Mayo from Greenville, North Carolina. He believes that Democrats are focusing on impeachment in an attempt to get voters’ minds off of a strong economy.

“My 401(k) is doing better than it’s ever done,” he said. “That’s the truth.”

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