In-N-Out Will Prohibit Employees From Wearing Masks at Work

According to internal company emails that were leaked on social media, the In-N-Out fast food chain will ban employees in five states from wearing masks unless they possess a doctor’s note to justify this action.  

In the memo that announced the new masking policy for states such as Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Texas and Utah workers, the burger chain alluded to “the importance of customer service and the ability to show our Associates’ smiles and other facial features while considering the health and well-being of all individuals.”

The new policy goes into effect on August 14 and applies to all In-N-Out employees in those states, with the exception of individuals who need to wear masks or other protective gear for job roles that mandate it, such as painting. Employees could be subject to disciplinary action, which includes being fired, if they do not comply with the new policy, per the memo. 

California and Oregon both have laws that bar employers from banning masks.

This isn’t the first time that the California-based chain has butted heads with health experts over safety precautions that were first implemented as deaths from the Wuhan virus surged throughout the pandemic. In October 2021, multiple In-N-Out locations in California were subjected to fines or were temporarily shut down due to how the burger chain refused to implement Wuhan virus vaccination rules.

There aren’t many companies who stand up for right-wing, traditional values. In-N-Out’s corporate leadership is a rare exception to this rule. Hopefully, more companies follow in its footsteps.There is no need for the business community to function as the private enforcement arm of the managerial state.

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