In New Song, French Rapper Boasts about EU Mass Migration Policy

Breitbart reported that a French rapper of a migrant background released a song boasting about “the Great Replacement” theory of demographic shift throughout the Western world.

The song, titled “The Great Replacement”, was released last week by the French rapper Younès. In his lyrics, he states “, “The great replacement? It’s your daughter who likes me, who will make me children.”

“The great replacement is me, then them, then you. The big bad guys are us,” the rapper sang, adding that “I’m rare, like the whites at Gare du Nord” referring to the train station in Northern Paris where police unraveled an Islamic terrorist plot in 2017.

The 24-year-old former law student previously claimed to have received inspiration from various rappers such as Médine Zaouiche, who gained notoriety for his anti-French lyrics.  Younès is originally from the commune of Mont-Saint-Aignan, and previously known as “Yoon on the Moon.”

Médine released an album titled Jihad, which caused outrage after he planned to do a concert at the Bataclan nightclub in Paris where Islamic terrorists murdered 90 people in 2015.

The “Great Replacement” theory was coined by French author Renaud Camus to highlight the rapidly changing demographic shifts taking place throughout France and other countries in the West due to mass migration.

Establishment gatekeepers have described this theory as a “conspiracy theory” in the majority of the French and international corporate media. However, a quarter of the French population believes in this theory based on a survey released back in February.

Several political figures have mentioned this theory such as the former populist MP and the niece of Marine Le Pen, Marion Marechal.

At a major right wing event held in Paris in September, Marechal urged conservatives and populists to resist the Great Replacement, saying, “The first major challenge, the most vital, is the Great Replacement, this demographic countdown, which already makes us realise the possibility of becoming a minority in the land of our ancestors.”

Whether or not this is a valid conspiracy theory, mass migration should still be questioned.

The massive inflows of people without any pauses —be they legislative or natural — can put the ability of nation states to function cohesively in jeopardy.

Theorizing aside, immigration should be debated soberly, and ultimately a rational form of restrictionism should be implemented in Western countries.

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