Incoming Nassau County Executive Promises To Not Enforce Hochul’s New Draconian Order

Nassau County Executive-elect Bruce Blakeman says he’s “protecting businesses and jobs” from Gov. Kathy Hochul’s mask mandate.

Nassau County Executive-elect Bruce Blakeman promised to not enforce Gov. Kathy Hochul’s new statewide mask-or-vaccine mandate once he officially assumes office on Jan. 1 – joining a growing list of county officials opposed to the new rule, New York Post reported.

“Come January 1st, my administration will move Nassau forward with a common sense approach that acknowledges the facts, science and progress made by our residents while also protecting businesses and jobs from any further damage created by government mandates,” Blakeman, a Republican, said in a statement on Monday.

“Nassau County is not in crisis, and should not be painted with the same broad brush as the rest of the state. Ninety-seven percent of adults in Nassau County have received at least their first dose of the vaccine and Nassau hospitals have adequate capacity to handle existing demand.”

Hochul’s new and arguably unconditional order – which took effect yesterday – forces all workers and customers to wear masks indoors if they are not mandated to show proof of COVID-19 shots.

The governor reportedly said it’s up to local governments to enforce the rule and threatened offending businesses with civil and criminal penalties and heavy repeating fines at about $1,000 fine for each individual violation.

Hochul claims she believes the draconian measure is necessary, arguing a recent rise in cases of the Covid-19 virus justifies the measure. The unelected New York state governor also suggested that she is utilizing this extreme form of power at the behest of requests by ‘experts,’ who in this case are “county executives.”

“Some county executives have asked us to do this. So they have what I would call air cover something there. I’ve had calls from even in some of the more rural areas where they’re grateful that we did this so they can explain it,” said Hochul Monday during a Manhattan press conference.

“We have left this to the counties to enforce,” she said, before adding: “We hope that counties will enforce it.”

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