Increased United States Weapons Demand Places Massive Stress on Support for Israel, Taiwan, and Ukraine

According to a report by Defense News, the United States government has deployed tens of thousands of its bombs and shells to Israel since Hamas’ attack against Israel on October 7, 2023.

However, the US government has not been able to give Israel everything it wants due to how the US military has insufficient capacity to provide several of the armaments Israel has demanded. This is what General CQ Brown, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has argued. 

“We do make recommendations based on what their ask is and how that impacts our readiness if it’s going to come from our stocks,” Brown said to reporters during a Defense Writers Group event back in March.

US officials generally assess the health of the country’s inventories prior to deploying weapons abroad. Some congressional staffers and former Pentagon officials have conceded that the US has weapons backs that are below minimum inventory mandates.

The Biden regime has already sent a vast quantity of weapons to Ukraine since Russia invaded it back in February 24, 2022. On top of that, the US has been preparing to send weapons to Taiwan in an attempt to deter a potential Chinese attack on the island, which Chinese authorities view as a rogue province.

The US Defense Department has already had problems keeping stable munitions levels in the decades prior to the recent wars in the Middle East and Europe. However, with the shipment of weapons to Israel, Taiwan and Ukraine has placed significant pressure on the Defense Department’s weapons stock, compelling it to make tough defense decisions.

“The [Defense Department] is likely drawing down close to that minimum number that they would need for multiple ground scenarios that could happen simultaneously,” Bryan Clark, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute think tank, said to Defense News.

“And depending on how the leadership has decided to manage risk, they may have gone below that two-scenario number already, but they would certainly not go below the number needed for one scenario.”

This is imperial overstretch, folks. The US is clearly strained as far as its resources go with so many military bases and troops stationed abroad. All of this is taking place while the US’s southern border with Mexico remains incredibly porous. 

The US’s southern border with Mexico is the number one geopolitical blindspot for the US — forget Russia, China, and Iran. The fact is that the US has two large moats in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and a massive nuclear arsenal that will deter its enemies abroad. 

However, a porous border not only leaves it open to potential terrorist attacks but also demographic annihilation as the Great Replacement continues apace. The choice is clear here: The US must prioritize defending its southern border above everything else. 

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