INEVITABLE: GamestopGate Traders are Called ‘White Supremacists’ in Wall Street Journal Article

The small investors who caused a massive stir by outfoxing Wall Street hedge funds and making a killing on GameStop stock are getting dragged through the mud by the fake news media.

The Wall Street Journal is even calling the individuals behind the since-banned Reddit group largely attributed to be behind GamestopGate, as the rush on GameStop stock is being called, “white supremacists.”

The Journal, which is owned by the same globalist conglomerate that controls Fox News, used a quote from the scorned former creator of the group backed by no tangible evidence as proof that the reddit community WallStreetBets is run by bigots.

There were a handful of mods who were straight up white supremacists,” claimed Jaime Rogozinski, the 39-year-old resident of Mexico City who created the community back in 2012.

I have really thick skin and people can say whatever they want to me, but at some point there’s a moral standpoint—like with my kids, I don’t want them to think, ‘Well, they can say whatever they want about you,’” he added.

Since founding the community in 2012, Rogozinski flipped and attempted to do a power play to consolidate control over the community. He attempted to remove moderators from the Discord server of WallStreetBets, but they eventually united against Rogozinski and forced him out. Rogozinski is bitter about the rise of the community without him.

It’s a little like watching one of those horror films where you can see the bad guy slowly going up the stairs,” he said. “You see this train wreck happening in real time.”

Big League Politics reported on how Discord took aim at the WallStreetBets community, using the same racism smear to target opponents of the corporate elite to take the community down on their platform:

Discord has banned a popular r/WallStreetBets server from its service, with the timing of the ban coming as small investors make a killing through purchasing stocks ‘shorted’ by Wall Street hedge funds.

Discord took the weak excuse of “Hate speech” for banning the server.

Retail investors had been using the Discord server for speculate about finance and the stock market, discussing shorted stocks such as Gamestop, AMC, and Nokia. Wall Street hedge funds have bet on these companies to fail, borrowing almost 100% of their stock at dirt-cheap prices. The casino gamble has failed, with individual investors scooping up the uninflated stock and essentially driving up stock prices by hundreds of dollars…

What a coincidence- Discord decides to ban the server the very same day that retail investors buy into stocks uninflated by the biggest Wall Street fat cats.

The San Francisco tech company has now sought to interfere in free markets on behalf of powerful Wall Street interests, cracking down on the little guy with bogus accusations. Don’t count on them facing any scrutiny for the anti-competitive action from the mainstream media.

Anyone who pushes back against corporate hegemony will inevitably be called a racist or a white supremacist in this day and age.

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