Infamous RINO Jonah Goldberg Leaves National Review With His Tail Between His Legs

Globalist Jonah Goldberg, the George W. Bush-era neoconservative who has become a pariah in his own movement for opposing President Donald Trump, is officially out at the National Review.

Goldberg penned the final edition of his “G-File” weekly blog that will be published by National Review last week where he waxed poetic about the good ol’ days of the Republican when the CIA was completely in charge, endless wars were the top priority, and civility was fully intact.

“There are so many friends and colleagues I am grateful for that if I start naming them, I’ll run the risk of forgetting someone or using up this entire “news”letter calling the roll of my indebtedness,” Goldberg wrote.

He made note that he will remain on as a fellow for the National Review Institute, despite his blog no longer being published by the formerly influential magazine that is now out-of-touch with the Republican mainstream.

Goldberg closed his final blog with a defense of David French, a fellow ‘Never Trumper’ pundit who has morphed from a neoconservative to a classical liberal in recent years, as he argues with Sohrab Ahmari about the necessity of liberal values.

Ahmari wrote an article, “Against David French-ism” in First Things where he argued that French and his intellectual ilk need to stay irrelevant for conservatism to rebound in society.

“With a kind of animal instinct, Trump understood what was missing from mainstream (more or less French-ian) conservatism. His instinct has been to shift the cultural and political mix, ever so slightly, away from autonomy-above-all toward order, continuity, and social cohesion,” Ahmari wrote.

“He believes that the political community—and not just the church, family, and individual—has its own legitimate scope for action. He believes it can help protect the citizen from transnational forces beyond his control,” he added.

French’s liberal values include allowing abusive predators to groom children at perverse ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ events throughout the country:

Goldberg stands by French for opposing the new breed of conservatives who he alleges believe “the bizarre notion that social conservatives can win the culture war if they lean into Trumpism, nationalism, and some of the worst caricatures of the Christian right.”

“The enemy here is the state, because by aggrandizing to itself the power to tell people how to live, people put all of the blame on a far-off government in Washington — or even more distant “globalists” — for their problems,” Goldberg wrote.

While Goldberg plays libertarian now in tactical fashion to oppose Trump, he wasn’t very libertarian during the George W. Bush era when he supported the Iraq war, the Patriot Act and the torture of suspected terrorists.

Goldberg won’t be leaving the media scene though, as he has a new anti-Trump publication in the works teaming with Steve Hayes, who was formerly editor-in-chief of failed, bankrupt Weekly Standard magazine. Despite their lack of public support, neocon ‘Never Trumpers’ have friends in high places.

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