Infowars Host Alex Jones Receives Misdemeanor Charge of Driving While Intoxicated, Declares Innocence

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Infowars host Alex Jones was charged with driving while intoxicated in Travis County, Tex. on Monday night, but he reported on his website that the charges were later dropped.

The Austin American-Sportsman reported that Jones was booked at 12:37 a.m after being pulled over and charged with DWI, a class B misdemeanor. Jones’ bail was set at $3,000 and he posted it at 4:11 am and then was set free. This information came from sheriff’s office spokeswoman Kristen Dark.

Infowars claims that Jones was pulled over for going 45 MPH in a 40 MPH zone. He allegedly drank a “small amount of sake at a Japanese restaurant hours before with his wife,” and the breathalyzer only “showed a tiny amount of alcohol” in his system.

Jones blames the quota system in Tarrant County, which he alleges has been trying to up their DWI totals in order to increase revenue.

“It was quite the experience to see what was going on in this country and to experience it myself,” Jones said during his radio show on Tuesday.

Jones also claimed on his show that the officer who arrested him couldn’t even perform a field sobriety test, which consists of standing on one foot while holding your other foot an inch off the ground while peering at the lifted foot.

“Knowing how the establishment, globalist press operates, Jones wanted to get out in front of this to show he has nothing to hide and to point out that legal experts are confident the case will be quickly dropped because he didn’t violate the law,” Infowars wrote.

Big League Politics has reported on Jones’ deplatforming and banishment from major social media platforms in recent years:

Infowars radio and TV host Alex Jones had his professional Instagram page banned, and was banned from Facebook on his personal profile today in the latest wave of Big Tech censorship.

Rather than informing the media universally through a press release, as Facebook has done repeatedly when making previous decisions, the social media behemoth apparently informed select left-wing media outlets of its decision to ban Jones on both Facebook and Instagram.

As a result, the reports are conflicting, and seemingly inaccurate.

Both The Atlantic and The Verge report that Infowars editor-at-large and YouTube content creator Paul Joseph Watson was also banned from Instagram and Facebook roughly an hour before he was banned from the platforms…

Because Facebook chose to release information exclusively to far-left media outlets, average Facebook and Instagram users have no idea whether they will be permitted to share Infowars’ content, which includes articles, videos from four different news programs, and special reports from a wide array of different personalities.

While Jones was purged from most digital platforms in a seemingly-coordinated effort in August of last year, his personal Facebook account and Instagram profile were allowed to remain active. Facebook has not indicated why, 8 months after this initial ban, they chose to ban him now.

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