Ingrid Boon: I Chased and Cornered The Illegal Alien Who Hit My Car

Ingrid Boon, Facebook

70-year old Los Angeles resident Ingrid Boon engaged a hit-and-run driver on a wild freeway chase through the streets. The end result: her StateFarm agent told her that her car insurance rates were going up, like many other people, because Los Angeles is a Sanctuary City.

“On November 23rd, I was leaving south LA and I was going home, traveling westward on Southcal. I had to stop at a stoplight,” Boon told Big League Politics. Boon has lived in Los Angeles since 1959, when her family moved there from the Netherlands. ¬†“I was hit from the rear left, this black car scraped all the way up my car. I was in the right lane closest to the curb, the guy was in the middle lane, he scraped the side of my car and made a right turn onto the street in front of me and he fled. I was stunned.”

“He was probably about in his early twenties,” Boon said, describing the driver as Mexican.

“I went after him like a bat out of Hell. I followed him for five blocks and cornered him in. I stopped him. I jumped out, and he said that he didn’t have a license. I asked if him if the car was insured, and he didn’t know, he got on the phone right away. He got out the information. He had insurance with Allstate for a year, registered in someone else’s name. He had no registration on the car. I called the police right away, they refused to come, because nobody was injured. In hindsight I should have just told them I was having a heart attack.”

“Some brothers were cheering me on and hoping I would punch this guy out,” Boon said.

“I called AllState on the spot and told them what had occurred, and they told me to keep them appraised of the situation. I went home, called my insurance company, and that’s when the BS all started.”

“His company AllState won’t pay for it, because the people insured in the car were not there, and he denies that he did that to my car. He said I changed lanes and he hit me. Why isn’t he cited for not having a driver’s license?”

“My cousin, who is my StateFarm agent, he said, “Los Angeles is crazy. Why do you think your rates have gone up? Because we are a sanctuary state.”

Ingrid Boon’s cousin did not provide comment for this report, but has experienced difficulties with other clients when it comes to getting illegal immigrants’ insurance companies to pay up after hit-and-run accidents.

“I’m an immigrant, I’m not an illegal, I learned the King’s English, California, we have 20,000 hit and runs in LA County annually. Every night on the news you will see 2 or 3 hit and runs where people have actually paid with their lives, it is absolutely crazy,” Boon said.

“This place has turned into a pit.”

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