Instagram Permanently Suspended Pro-Life Group

Last month, Instagram permanently banned Auburn Students for Life’s account following its move to promote March for Life. This event is held annually and involves pro-life activists demanding that abortion be banned. 

This pro-life student organization was banned on October 13. 

Samuel Hass, a board member of the Auburn pro-life group, said the following to Young Americans Foundation (YAF): “We were banned permanently for a regular post promoting the March for Life.”

“This is a scary reminder how much power these corporations wield over our lives,” Haas added. 

This pro-life account was suspended for allegedly violating Instagram’s “Community Guidelines on business integrity.”

The pro-life group appealed the suspension, but Instagram asserted that the organization “pretended to be someone else.”

“Our Social Media Director responded to Instagram stating why we should get our account back. Since then, we have heard nothing, and our account remains banned,” the pro-life group’s president Gwen Charles said to The College Fix.

“This type of big-tech censorship is nothing new to the pro-life movement. … Small groups like ours must not remain silent when it comes to this censorship. Our group has informed our over 130 members of this and we have encouraged them to continue speaking up for life, on social media and in person. If we are going to ultimately win, we need to continue to work to change hearts and minds about abortion. The Truth is that abortion ends a human life, and we long for the day when it is illegal and unthinkable. Our chapter is more motivated than we have ever been in the fight for life,” Charles added. 

Instagram, like other social media platforms, works to carry out the managerial regime’s agenda, albeit with a privatized twist. The ruling class recognizes that it can’t fully impose its agenda via governmental means due to the strong First Amendment protections the American constitutional order has. In turn, they must use social media to police dissident behavior, especially activity on the Right. 

Nationalists must start taking Big Tech reform seriously. Private corporations, especially those of large size and influence, cannot work against the national interest. Any of these institutions that step out of line must be brought to heel. 

The days of having these institutions operate on a normal basis are over.

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