Institutionally Anti-Western Media Cannot Even Say The Word “White” When Using Broadway’s Nickname

Many liberal suburbanites look to Goldberg weekly for wisdom and direction in their life.

The institutional media has been known for episodes of blatant discrimination, the very discrimination they accuse the nationalist and even mainstream right of engaging in, whether it be regarding who they hire or who they choose to elevate and denigrate in their reporting. More recently, one of the many stenographers of the corporate media could not even muster the effort needed to properly describe a famous venue’s nickname simply because it contained the word “white” in it.

According to Summit News, host of The View and long-time race agitator Whoopi Goldberg described Broadway as “the great bright way,” almost certainly knowing full well that the accurate longstanding nickname of the Big Apple’s famous thoroughfare is in fact “the great white way,” a nickname that was derived from the brightly lit nature of its streets, an uncommon feature when it was first implemented in 1880, and not a reference to any imagined North Eurasian supremacy.

Apparently, this comical omission from Goldberg during a segment of the show that featured guests from several Disney movies, namely Aladdin, Frozen, and The Lion King.

“First of all we wanna thank the Broadway cast of Lion King and Aladdin and the North American tour of Frozen for this wonderful surprise and for being the great bright way,” she said.

In a comical commentary video, prominent Youtuber Alex Belfield used levity to describe the state of political correctness in the West and how simply uttering the word “Black” or “White” nowadays carries the real risk of stoking ire from the cancel ob should one be enough of a public figure. Indeed, political correctness has exponentially increased the complexity of racial issues that some immigrants have gotten into serious trouble because of it and many are unsure whether to classify the richest man in the country (as of the writing of this article) as an African American or not.

Belfield describes the infinite wisdom of Whoopi Goldberg and The View generally.

Belfield pointed out the sheer ludicrosity of Goldberg’s refusal to even utter the word “White” as the word contains within it so inherent racial undertones whatsoever.

“I think this is so destructive and so revealing, Whoopi won’t say white – wow – and you wanna talk about inclusivity, you wanna talk about unity…not when there’s this kind of nonsense.”

“It has always been ‘the great white way’ but she won’t say it because she thinks that’s racist – I think that’s complete bullshit and I think it’s hugely concerning that a woman this important who is that successful for so many decades could be this racist.”

While it is rumored that thousands of upper-middle-class college-educated White liberals in their suburban cul-de-sacs are currently busy mentally justifying Goldberg’s linguistic choices, this has yet to be verified.

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