Intelligence Agencies Have Information Suggesting China Interfered in 2020 Presidential Election Against Trump

US intelligence agencies reportedly possess intelligence that suggest China sought to interfere in the 2020 presidential election, pushing a narrative through state-controlled media organizations that tried to smear Donald Trump as a white supremacist.

The so-called intelligence community is notoriously loathe to provide evidence backing up assertions with great implications, but One America News Network reported Wednesday that career officials of federal intelligence agencies support Trump administration Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe’s suspicions of Chinese interference. Other federal employees are trying to sweep the intelligence suggesting Chinese interference under the rug.

Ratcliffe has informed liberal elements of the intelligence community that he won’t sign off on reports that ignore evidence of Chinese interference in the election.

This is a big deal. Ratcliffe has drawn a line in the sand on China and not backing down. Even some of the careers agree with him that the ‘Russia Russia Russia’ crowd is downplaying the China threat,” a senior national security official reportedly informed OANN.

A former national security official revealed that even some of the more left-wing personalities within the intelligence community have recognized a reality of Chinese interference. “There are partisan elements within the intelligence community who are desperate to deny a talking point to President Trump,” said the anonymous official in a statement provided to the Post Millennial.Interestingly, some of the people who want to include the Chinese operational statement are not supporters of the President at all, but people committed to doing their job.

The sum of the purported Chinese interference could range from the circulation of anti-Trump memes on inauthentic social media pages to more insidious acts of political interference. It’s hard to quantify the impact of foreign internet propaganda in federal US elections, but if “Russian interference” had a sweeping and meaningful impact on the 2016 election by means of poorly made Microsoft Paint memes, it’s hard to imagine that Chinese propaganda doesn’t meet the same standard.