Intelligence Report: Non-Profit Organizations are Kicking Off Migration Crisis in Italy

According to a report by Italian intelligence services, pro-refugee rescue boats sailing across the Italian coast are worsening Europe’s mass migration crisis and are being used by human smugglers to facilitate their crimes. 

Italian intelligence services published a yearly report directed to the Italian parliament on February 28, 2023 where it warned that the Ionian Sea may become the preferred route for human smugglers. It pointed to an increase in the number of boats departing Turkey’s east coast en route to Italy as the main driver for this heightened smuggling activity.  

“There is an increase in migratory flows from the eastern Mediterranean, leaving mainly from Turkey towards the coasts of Calabria, Puglia and Sicily by mainly Kurdish and Pakistani migrants, marking a rise in trafficking as well as the use, which has become practice, of the web and social networks by the same groups to advertise their trips and related services,” the report stated.

Italian intelligence informed elected officials how NGO ships sailing off Italy’s coast is “often publicized on social networks by facilitators of irregular migration as a guarantee of a safer journey to Europe.” Italian intelligence launched accusations against NGOs for providing “a logistical advantage for the criminal organizations that manage migrant trafficking, allowing them to adapt their modus operandi according to the possibility of reducing the quality of the vessels used, correspondingly increasing illicit profits, and exposing the people on board to a more concrete risk of shipwreck.”

On February 26, at least 64 individuals were confirmed dead after a wooden boat was found wrecked off the Calabian coast in southern Italy. According to Thomas Brooke of Remix News, the boat sailed from Izmir, Turkey and was en route to the Italian coastal city of Crotone in the east. 

The boat navigated across the Aegean Sea and around Greece before trying to sail across the Ionian Sea to dock in Italy. 

80 individuals survived and told Italian authorities the boat was transporting 170 people. Some other sources claim that the boat could have been carrying up to 250 people. 

Per aid groups at the scene, significant numbers of passengers came from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and Syria. According to reports from Italian authorities, the human smugglers responsible for coordinating the trip from Turkey Italy charged each migrant €8,000 for this trip. 

NGO organizations quickly criticized the Italian government for the deaths, calling attention to recent government orders that aimed to impede humanitarian vessels commandeered by pro-refugee charities who tried transporting migrants to Italy. 

The Italian countered these accusations, noting that NGO boats were rarely operating in the area where the deadly shipwreck took place. 

On February 28, Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi dismissed claims made by NGOs that Italian authorities slowly responded to reports of distress in the area.

He revealed that Italy deployed two patrol vessels after authorities were informed about the boat off the coast of Crotone on the evening of February 25. However, the Italian government had to halt its rescue efforts due to harsh weather conditions.

“There was no delay,” Piantedosi stated “Everything possible was done in absolutely prohibitive sea conditions.”

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni called on the European Union to respond to the migration crisis afflicting Italy, informing European leaders in a letter sent on February 27 that more action must be taken to prevent additional migrants from embarking on dangerous sea voyages.

“The point is, the more people who set off, the more people risk dying,” she said to RAI state television on February 27.

The Italian case demonstrates how pernicious the NGO industrial complex is when it comes to facilitating the Great Replacement. They’re working hand-in-glove with the treasonous political classes of the Collective West to encourage demographically destabilizing influxes of migrants. 

For that reason, among many others, these organizations must be brought to heel by nationalist governments. Such treasonous behavior must be stamped out briskly.

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