INTERCEPTED: Democrat Training Group Polls Hillary Clinton And Michelle Obama As Presidential Candidates

Targeted training materials make it clear that the Democrats are seeking to “destroy Trump’s presidency,” offering a window into Democrat strategic thinking as the 2020 election heats up. Both Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama are included as top presidential contenders in activist polling as Democrats gauge support for either a Clinton or Obama run.

National Democratic Training Committee (NDTC), a well-funded 527 PAC bankrolled by the AFSCME labor union and others, is targeting Democrat activists with a poll that was provided to Big League Politics by investigator Marie Hembree. “We’re SO EXCITED about the amazing Democratic candidates running to destroy Trump’s presidency in 2020,” says the introduction to the poll. Issue points include “Undoing the damage of Donald Trump’s administration” and “Ability to Beat Trump.”

So who are those candidates, exactly? They include Hillary Clinton and Joe P. Kennedy III. While Kamala Harris is first on the list, Clinton appears directly between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. This is no accident — the National Democratic Training Committee is also running a separate poll, the intro to which states that Clinton was “robbed” in 2016 and confirms, “we’re polling Top Democrats from your area to determine possible support for a Hillary Clinton 2020 Presidential Ticket.” That poll includes Michelle Obama on the list of possible Democrat contenders.


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