Internet Explodes With Outrage After CAIR Calls For Animal Sacrifice in America

Last week, Muslims all around the world celebrated Eid Al Adha, the Muslim “holiday” of sacrifice.

Traditionally, Eid is celebrated by slaughtering goats, cows, camels and sheep  in the streets to honor the  sacrifice Abraham was willing to make in the Koran when he murdered his own son.

Streets across the world were flowing red with blood as a result of the mass slaughter of animals in public places.

Graphic and disturbing pictures and videos captured the brutality of Eid-Al-Adha and the way animals are tortured and left to suffer and bleed to death at the hands of Muslims.

WARNING: The following images are graphic in nature.

This year, Eid-Al-Adha coincided with the Hajjj pilgrimage from Medina to Mecca. Muslims celebrated by beheading cows and goats that were later dragged through the streets of Muslim countries including Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh, and even the United States.

Despite the widely held view in the United States that animal sacrifice is inhumane, savage, and barbaric, Muslims in America who have shown an unwillingness to assimilate into Western societies forced their communities to be subjected to animal cruelty and unsanitary animal sacrifices with the help of the Council on American Islamic relations (CAIR).

In a tweet posted on Eid al-Adha last week, Nihad Awad, the head of CAIR tweeted, “Police are blocking the entrance of the Virginia Muslim owned business to prevent customers from entering to choose their animals for #EidAlAdha Sacrifice. @CAIRNational is asking the city manager to lift the blockage and respect religious liberty.”

CAIR, which has been designated as an Islamic terrorist organization in United Arab Emirates often forces non-Muslims through intimidation tactics to accept un-civilized and non-Western practices, like animal sacrifice, and accuses anyone who challenges them of being “Islamophobic”. In the United States, animal sacrifice is frowned upon, which is why the internet went wild on both sides of the aisle when Nihad tweeted support for public animal sacrifices.

Nihad’s intimidation tactics and cries of “Islamophobia” were successful, as he later tweeted, “We at just finished negotiating with city officials who agreed to lift the police blockade & allow Muslim families to enter the facility on to select their animals for sacrifice. We appreciate the cooperation of city officials.”

The police and community members who opposed animal sacrifice are not Islamophobic. They are simply civilized Americans who would prefer that their communities do not become overrun with third-world practices of animal cruelty and infested with bacteria and disease that often spreads as a result of animal sacrifice. Americans do not want to live under Sharia law, and most Americans do not want to watch innocent animals suffer and bleed to death on the side walk of their communities.

Thousands of twitter users tweeted at PETA, the animal rights organization to ask them whether or not they would condemn CAIR and animal sacrifice. While PETA remained politically correct and did not name Islam or CAIR directly, they posted a tweet saying they “oppose animal sacrifice”.

Along with being a designated terrorist organization in UAE, CAIR was listed by a federal judge, the U.S. Attorney General’s office, and the Fifth Circuit Court of appeals as having direct ties to Hamas.

Hamas has also been classified as a designated terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department and is listed as a co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation HAMAS terror funding trial in 2008, which is the largest terrorism financing case in U.S. history. In the Covenant of Hamas, which outlines the goals and motive of Hamas and its members, it states that one of its main goals in the destruction of Israel.

Here are some of the reactions to Nihad’s tweet:

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