Internet To BOYCOTT Ulta Beauty After Promoted Trans Influencer Makes ‘Mockery’ Of Womanhood

People on the internet are calling for boycotts of the makeup supply chain Ulta Beauty after a recent company podcast episode.

The controversial episode consists of trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney discussing “girlhood” and motherhood with host David Lopez, a so-called “gender-fluid” hairdresser.

Calling the whole spectacle #womanface, a coined phrase similar to “black face,” people on the internet are accusing Mulvaney, Lopez, and Ulta Beauty of appropriating womanhood because both hosts are biological men.


“I can find love, I know I can still be a performer, I know I can have a family — I wanna be a mom one day, and I absolutely can,” Mulvaney asserted in the episode promoted by Ulta.

“And that’s why the narrative still has a long way to go, because, when I was grieving ‘Boy Dylan,’  I didn’t even know those things were accessible to me,” he added. “There’s much shame, so much stigma. I had this idea of trans-people and it was weird because I knew I was trans yet had transphobia of myself.”

Online backlash for the episode was so severe, Ulta had to turn off YouTube comments because most accused the company of making a mockery of womanhood.

Backlash got so bad that Ulta even started hiding replies.

Others called for the boycott of Ulta. Stating that airing “this nonsense” is flat out disrespectful. Especially because neither of the two in the episode will ever biologically experience womanhood for themselves.

“[Two] adult men talking about their experiences with ‘girlhood,’” someone else said in a reply that is now hidden by Ulta. “Please explain the difference between womanface and blackface, because I can’t see one.” 

“We are trying to point out that Mulvaney’s entire social media presence is a mockery of womanhood and firmly grounded in harmful sex stereotypes,” someone else posted. “And also that it’s VERY creepy for an adult male to keep calling himself a ‘girl.’” 

This whole charade is a major slap in the face to women because Mulvaney is merely playing a character of what a female is. He will never truly be one – and this boycott of Ulta shows that many, many other Americans agree.

Here are some other clips from Mulvaney in the past:


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