INTERVIEW: Activist Shirley Husar Says This Is “Switch Bitch 2” For Omarosa

Big League Politics spoke with the woman who announced Donald J. Trump’s nomination from the floor of the Republican Convention for the state of California, who is also the only Black Grassroots Republican to meet with Omarosa Manigault at the White House “North”.

“What she is doing is diving the Black Community and we don’t really need that right now, ” said Shirley Husar, who has been active in Republican politics since 1977. “She gave poverty pimps access to the President, and never took care of us,” Husar told Big League Politics.

“I am the only grassroots activist to have to meet with Omorosa. I call her the switch bitch, because she wrote the book, Switch Bitch.   This latest attack against Trump, who gave her everything, is Switch Bitch 2.  She lied to me and denied Black grassroots from being at the table. Omarosa did that. She set the President up for failure,” Husar, the founder of Urban Game Changers said.

“We all tried to reach her.  She never returned our calls,” she said. “Omarosa does switch it on and off, just like she wrote in the book,” she said.

“At first Omarosa wanted to change the Urban community, that is what she told me, but it didn’t work out for her that way and I know why,” Husar said.

Husar announcing the Nomination of Donald J. Trump, Cleveland, OH at the 2016 RNC Convention

“Trump chose her because of the reality TV angle, and some of us didn’t like her then, but he is loyal.  In the end, she is about money and her brand. She didn’t have relationships with any black activists. I am the only person she met at the White House.  Look it up in the  LA Times,”she said.


“She has two personalities- I have seen her turn on and then off.  I befriended her because of Trump and she said she wanted to see something happen for African Americans. Trump said he wanted to meet with us.  We were first on his mind.  Instead of honoring the delegation, before the red pill, or walk away and whatever she called people who don’t support the President- she could have asked us to meet with President Trump.   I am angry about people like Omarosa who don’t acknowledge us- we have been here a long time,” she said.

“I am street activist. I meet with the hardest cases.   I have walked that walk. Our family disowned us and we put ourselves out for Trump.  Omarosa turned her back on us,” Husar said.

“She picked the Congressional Black Caucus to meet with President Trump- and that was a disaster and embarrassing. Omarosa didn’t give me a seat at the table to talk about policies that would affect the people I talked to and work with out there, the black people with pain in their hearts,’ said Huser to Big League Politics.

“Omarosa set Trump up with people who don’t even support him and wanted to only cause him harm. She worked with the Clintons and was still good friends with them,” Husar said.

“We were taught to rise.  Unfortunately, when we had the opportunity to really rise as Blacks in America, Omarosa came out with Slick Bitch 2 book, because she didn’t do her job and she wants some money. I am mad,” she said.

You can watch her here:

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