INTERVIEW: Chele Farley Is Running To Take Down Kirsten Gillibrand

Thursday, a US Senate candidate for New York running against a vocal Democrat pushing to abolish ICE and Resist Trump,  spoke to Big League Politics about her feisty campaign to represent the State of New York.

“Listen, I support President Trump, but I say it is New York first. We need someone who is on his side, who is willing to negotiate with him when things are not good for New York. I will do that.  I have negotiated for a living,” Chele Farley, Republican candidate for New York Senate, told Big League Politics.

“We need someone to represent New York who isn’t spending time running for President.  My opponent Kristen Gillibrand sat on her hands and didn’t even try to negotiate the tax reform policies for the State of New York.  She simply said it was a bad tax bill.  Well, I would have negotiated a better deal for New York, that is my job,” Farley said.

“I don’t care if I get called names, I want to do what is good for the State of New York. We need someone to care about what is good for us,” Farley said.

“Kristen Gillibrand has been missing votes critical to the people of New York, to be out of town campaigning for other people. The others made it back to their votes, Kristen didn’t.  That is terrible,” she said.

“It’s one thing to not pass a single bill in almost 12 years, now Gillibrand can’t even be bothered to show up to vote – it’s a total disgrace,” said Farley.
“Gillibrand attended multiple fundraisers and political events in support of liberal Democratic candidates in Wisconsin and Chicago. On Sunday in Wisconsin, Gillibrand attended a BBQ fundraiser with Senator Tammy Baldwin and then traveled to Chicago for an event for Lauren Underwood (IL-14). Monday morning, Gillibrand headlined a breakfast fundraiser for Congresswoman Cheri Bustos and then attended the 2nd annual “Women’s Rights and Resistance Brunch” for JB Pritzker and the rest of Democratic statewide ticket. ” Full Press Release

Gillibrand’s Twitter Timeline reads like a “Resist Trump” Playsheet, focusing on Democrat Community Organizing and Media opposition to President Donald J. Trump than what is good for the state of New York.

Gillibrand- EYES ON ICE


“I call her the ICE queen,” Farley said.”Why should abolish the organization who are protecting us from MS-13, especially in New York, when we have teenagers hacked to death?” Farley said to Big League Politics.

In a recent interview on Fox Business Farley speaks with passion about her campaign to put New Yorkers first.

“We are moving in the right direction. I have the reform party nomination as well as Republican and Conservative. Why are homeowners not allowed to deduct their rent? I am running on what is equitable.  New York taxpayers are losing money.

The whole point is where was Kristen Gillibrand?v when the Trump policies are good for New York, and many of them are I will say so, but when they are not, I will negotiate because that is my job.   I only decided to get into the race when I saw a pathway to win.  We will have a lower turn out, but we will do great.  We need someone who will do something for New York,”said Farley.



“I think the media needs to focus on the $806,000 that Gillibrand got from her donor, Boies Schiller Flexner LLP, close friend and advocate of Harvey Weinstein,” Farley told Big League Politics.

“Is Kristen Gillibrand a MeToo Senator or a Me First Senator,” asked Farley.


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