INTERVIEW: Diamond & Silk at World Premiere of “Dummycrats”

The World Premiere of “Dummycrats” featuring Diamond & Silk was released in over 800 theaters on Monday, October 15th where BLP’s Sonny Joy Nelson caught up with the stars before and after the showing at the red carpet event at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.

This one-day showing features Diamond & Silk as they set out to expose the democrats for all they truly are. This documentary type film shows the sister’s journey to find Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, and numerous other ‘dummycrats’ to call them out on their dishonesty towards the American people. While Diamond & Silk searched high and low across the United States for the Californian elected Congresswomen, Kyle Olson (maker of Dummycrats) visited the southern border to expose conditions where Trump’s Wall is beginning to take form. While security is finally amping up at the Mexico border, Olson physically demonstrates just how easy it is to cross into America with no issue. The movie makes known how much more democrats value the lives and wellbeing of illegal aliens over American citizens. The two demand answers from Water and Pelosi on why they prefer sanctuary cities for illegals as opposed to a deeper focus on fixing the homeless problem in California.

True to themselves, the documentary is filled with laughs but contains all the information necessary to prove what they set out to: democrats SHOULD be renamed to dummycrats. 

WATCH: interviews before and after the showing with Kyle Olson, Juanita Broaddrick, Brandon Straka, Kaya Jones, Terrence Williams, and many more.


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